Best Spin Bike Reviews 2015

Best Spinning Bike reviews 2015 . Here are my reviews of the top 3 spin bikes varying for high-end to a budget spin bike.

Best Spinning Bikes Reviews

A one-hour cardio session on your favourite Spin bike is probably the best way to burn 500 calories without getting bored. Just put on a fast-track playlist and go bananas for an hour and you’ll lose that last 10 pounds of fat before you can say workout.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of cardio and I’ve already lost most of the fat that I was intending to, I still hop on my Keiser M3 Plus every other day for a high intensity training session to get to my goal of single digit body fat %.

Now, if you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for a spin bike review for yourself either for a home-gym or just to add a new variation to your cardio routines. Well, trust me when I say this, working out on a spin bike will drastically change the way you feel about cardio in a very positive way.

Getting back to the point, if you’re not too concerned about the price and need the absolute best spin bike that is built to perform then Keiser M3 Plus is exactly what you need.

That’s the one I got around 18 months ago and It’s been the best investment I’ve made for my home gym.

If you’re on a budget then the best value for money spin bike would be Spinner Fit Indoor Spin bike priced just under $500.

However, below I’ve researched, sorted and highlighted the best spinning bikes under different categories so that you can find the one that suits you best.

My Spin Bike Reviews 2015!

Top pick : Keiser M3 Plus Review

Irrespective of who you ask, when it comes to spinning bikes, nothing beats Keiser. Their M3 Plus is an absolute beast and you will have to experience it to believe it.

Keiser M3 Plus is a premium spin bike and is definitely not for the faint of heart.


It’s for you if:

1. You’re planning to lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time
2. You’re training for a triathlon
3. You’re planning to do some high intensity training to get that shredded look
4. You’re trying to add intense exercise into your daily routine

M3 Plus comes equipped with a little computer that calculates the power output of your workout and gives you all the essential details you need to track and improve upon your daily workout.

This exercise bike offers 24 different levels of magnetic resistance and you can easily adjust it to just the right amount using the digital screen.

And by now it is pretty obvious that it does come with all the standard features that you can find in the standard exercise bikes like adjustable seat, water bottle holder and adjustable handle bars.

The bike is equipped with Shimano pedals which is yet another leader in group set manufacturers of bikes.

All in all, if the price tag is not a problem with you then Keiser M3 Plus is an absolute must have for your workout.

Best Spinning bike under $1000 : Sole Fitness SB700


If you need something that is good on performance but you’re not looking to spend over $1000 then SpinnerFit Sole SB700 is the best fit for you.

There isn’t a bike that can compete with the SB700 under the $1000 price mark

The Sb700 is priced at around $750 and is the one that I commonly find in spin classes at my local gym.

This bike is also equipped with a digital screen that helps you track everything from distance travelled to calories burnt and can be a great way to manage your daily workout goals.

The bike offers a very stable built and there’s no wobble even during high-intensity workouts.

It is a great buy if you’re not looking forward to get an affordable machine with good specs.

Best Spinning bike under $500 : Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle


Spinner Fit Indoor Spin bike is one of the best mid-range spinning bikes that you can get your hands on for under $500 and I haven’t really seen any other bikes that are worth getting when the price drops any further.

So, if you absolutely have to stay under a budget then this is the one you should get.

The bike is pretty stable at high-RPMs and it is really comfortable to workout even for long durations but you will miss having digital screen and the ability to exactly track your daily goals.

This bike is for you if you’re just looking for a variation in your daily workout routine or maybe you’re looking to get a little bit of exercise every morning before hitting the office.

Now even though this bike does not have the fancy tech that you will find in the high-range spin bikes, do not mistake it to be a sub-par spinning bike.

Spinner Fit Indoor cycle is a great buy when it comes to performance and is still a very good investment for anyone looking to for a budget spin bike.